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“Wonderchat” Now Available Via Apple App Store, Created By App Maker Mikael Tyrsen Los Angeles, CA. - October 22, 2014 - App Maker Mikael Tyrsen creates an app that goes beyond the perfect “Selfie” and connects its members with interesting people via video. “Wonderchat” is now available for iOS via the Apple App Store. Users can enjoy an app that connects them Live with another person, for a unique 2-minute experience. The fast-paced connection allows two people to text one another while meeting visually in real-time. Wonderchatters can “Like” the person they are connected with for a chance to resume contact the next time they jump on. Should Wonderchatters feel the need to move on, not a problem, the app automatically connects its members with a new person every 2-minutes!

"It takes guts to Wonderchat," says Creator Mikael Tyrsen. "There's no hiding behind an Avatar. You're on Live with people you're interested in, and you only have a very short time to get the best 'You' across. The speed of the whole thing is addicting. The whole time, you're wondering: 'Who's next? Will I like them? Will they like me?'"

“Wonderchat” is a uniquely creative addition to the application platform. Making Social connections is easy as the app allows the user to set preferences in order to pair with the right connection. The intuitive app was developed for users seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s modern-day speed meeting in the palm of a users hand; only this speed meeting can connect a user with new friends, dating interests, and more. The app dares individuals to meet new people face-to-face. And the best part: it’s free!

“Wonderchat” will continue to add features to establish the best possible connections for its users. Wonder what they’ll come up with next? Become a user and find out!

Wonderchat is now available via the Apple App Store:

For more info on Wonderchat, please visit:

The Wonderchat app was developed by creative agency NuContext Creative Inc.

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Welcome to Wonderchat

Would you like to connect with people around you in the un-normal way? Then you've come to the right place!

Wonderchat is a new way of meeting people near you who meet your simple gender and age interests. And to make this even more fun, you'll connect with live streaming video. There's no audio, so text chatting lets your words come through whether you're at the library or a noisy club. Be spontaneous, be silly, be romantic, be cool. But be quick, because you only have 2 minutes before the feed is disconnected and you're matched with someone new.

To make things a little more fun, we added a rating feature after each chat. Don't like a person? Don't worry. Wonderchat won't connect you with them again. But if you do like them - and they like you back - you will automatically connect with them next time you're both available.

Why do I need an account?

To improve the Wonderchat experience and make sure you're connecting with only the people who interest you, we require users to sign up. (Call us old-fashioned, but we feel that certain body parts are most enjoyable when both parties consent to see them.) Don't worry; we have no intention in sending you ANY e-mail unless you forget your password and need to request it.

You also need an account so we can track the people you rate. We think it’s more fun if there's a chance of reconnecting with someone you liked.

What do you say? Let's go chat!

Wonderchat Team